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Net Effects, LLC was originally conceived out of need for friendly and competent techical services in the Medina County area. Coming from a technical background in the banking industry and long time exposure to technical service needs since 1982, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of technical knowledge stemming before personal computers were available. Yes, we gained exposure in the pre-DOS world of IBM.


Incorporating in 2002 was the official springboard of our business. As a member of a local networking group, now called Professional Business Connection, the business leaped into high gear, developing an ever growing and loyal clientele never imagined.


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Initially we started as a computer troubleshooting service. Now we offer high quality custom-built personal computers for business and home use. By the way, custom does not mean expensive. Over the years we have added network servers, website design and implemention, and specialty solutions. We are often asked how do we keep up with all the changes in the technical world. That is our secret.
Our primary clients are business owners who are too small to have an in-house technical team, but need that high level of expertise to maintain and grow their competitive edge in today's business market. Consulting services allow us to help you obtain the right hardware, software and service in today's technical world. Remember, in the technical world "it is better to ask permission than to ask forgiveness". We can save you a lot of wasted spending by not selecting the wrong service or product. Remote and phone services allow us to resolve technical issues more quickly with the use of high speed internet connections--best thing since sliced bread.
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However, residential clients need the same support with multiple computer users and complicated internet service management. With the increase of wireless service in the home, providing solutions that work and require little maintenance for the home owner has been very appealing. Keeping those computers running smoothly on the internet is a daunting task if you don't know where to turn for help. We are always at their rescue.

We are dedicated to providing approachable and affordable service. All our clients truly appreciate our friendly and humble demeanor. We know you need help and don't want you to be afraid to ask. Many people struggle with learning new versions of operating systems and new gadgets. We can help.

So if you have any technical question or issue, please call us for a consultation.  See what we can do for you.

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